Happy New Year

December 28, 2018

On 31st December it takes a total of 26 hours for New Year to arrive in all 38 different time zones around the globe. Samoa and Christmas Island/Kiribati closely followed by New Zealand will be among the first to celebrate while Baker Island and Howland Island, the tiny outlying islands of the US will be the last to welcome 2019.

Ringing in the new year and bidding farewell to 2018 is a tradition that will be celebrated across the world and as the New Year approaches many of us will begin indulging in retrospection and thinking about making positive changes.

Our annual closure is an opportunity for the team to take a much deserved break after a busy Christmas and Hogmanay period and to make our own positive changes at Rufflets. Creating a positive guest experience is something we take very seriously and to keep the quality of that experience high and to ensure our customers return we continually update and refresh the hotel.

Our engineering team is able to carry out routine maintenance to the building without disturbing in-house guests, but larger projects are planned for our two-week annual closure. This year we also have several other projects to complete. Ten of our bedrooms are being re-painted and our Garden Suite is being decorated with a brand new colour.

Outside in the kitchen garden, sadly Phil Harper and his team get very little rest. Planning is underway with the kitchen for Spring planting. Many of the seeds and plants will need ordering in early January. The new year break gives the gardening team an opportunity to lift any remaining leeks and parsnips before the soil becomes frozen and dig over empty borders. We use the compostable kitchen waste on top of the borders and trenches where we grow beans to encourage lots of growth in the spring. Any of the salad crops such as winter gem lettuce still in the ground is protected from frost and the fruit trees are pruned to encourage fruit production next summer.

When we re-open on Thursday 17th January, celebrations will get underway for Seasons at Rufflets which celebrates its first birthday on 28th January. Make sure you are following us on social media or subscribe to our mailing list for details on what will be happening and do come and join us for our new fixed price luncheon menu available Monday to Saturday – £17 for 2 courses and £20 for 3 courses.


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