Weddings at Rufflets

January 11, 2019

Rufflets have twice been awarded the accolade of Best Wedding Venue Fife, Angus and Perthshire at the Scottish VOWS Awards, most recently in November. The award is voted by brides and grooms from the previous year. We spent some time with Louise Turner to learn a little more about what makes Rufflets one of the preferred venues in the region for wedding celebrations.

What is your role at Rufflets and how long have you been part of the team?

I am the Conference & Events Manager and have been working with Rufflets for 2 years.

Louise Turner – Conference & Events Manager

What is the busiest time of the year for you at Rufflets?

There are a few different aspects to my role and they tend to follow a seasonal pattern. I spend more time on sales, marketing and administration in the winter months, and more time with clients in an operational capacity between April and October. January and February are very busy months for handling enquiries and taking new bookings, as Christmas is a popular time to get engaged. It is also a time when couples are looking for dates in the current year as well as the following year.

What do you enjoy most about your role at Rufflets?

I enjoy the variety in my work, and meeting all sorts of different people. You need to find it easy to strike up conversation and build a rapport with clients in this kind of role, so it’s not for anyone shy! My job is made much easier and more enjoyable by my lovely colleagues here, and everyone is equally invested in making sure that we make every wedding day as memorable as it possibly can be.

Winter Wedding at Rufflets

How many couples get married at Rufflets each year?

Around 50. We host only one wedding a day to ensure that we can deliver the ultimate in service and attention to each wedding party.

Do weddings take place in the winter?

Yes, we host quite a few weddings over the winter and they are becoming more popular. The cosy homely feel at Rufflets is very inviting in the colder months, and the gardens are still stunning. We’re very lucky to enjoy generally dry weather in this part of Scotland, so November, December and February are still very much contenders for taking beautiful outdoor photos. We had couples marrying out in the garden until early October last year.

What small details can make a big impact at weddings?

The small details are the most crucial, and are taken care of through very careful planning and forward-thinking. It’s also essential to have an eye for making tiny adjustments and improvements, even if the majority of guests won’t notice a particular thing on the day. We know that the bride & groom will appreciate us trying to match their invitation font on the menus, or planning a different route from A to B to make a walk easier for their grandparents. If a three-year-old flower girl only eats garlic bread and baked beans, that’s fine with us!

The Garden Suite

What was the most popular first dance song in 2018?

Etta James – ‘At Last’ continues to be a bit of a classic, but a lot of couples are choosing something by Ed Sheeran at the moment. We had a Father of the Bride sing Elvis for his daughter’s first dance last year!

If newly-engaged couples would like to find out more, how do they contact you?

It’s very easy. Our events team are available on Tel: 01334 460893, alternatively we have an on-line enquiry form they can complete.


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